4 Tips for Creating High-End Real Estate Videos

Posting real estate listings on websites and social media platforms that utilize high-end video marketing can help an agency generate buyer leads and convey the agency’s unique value proposition. Homebuyers look for an engaging experience when they home shopping online, and video walk-throughs and aerial viewing of a property through video marketing is a great way to attract buyers. Both the quality and professionalism of the content and technical elements of real estate marketing videos are essential for success. Let’s take a look at some useful tips that can be used in creating high-end real estate videos.

1. Do Some Pre-planning

When the decision is made to film a home for real estate marketing purposes, it’s crucial that the real estate photographer performs some dress rehearsal before carrying out the actual filming. The agency should first coordinate a date and time that works for the photographer and the seller. Present the photographer with pictures of the home and include ones showing the direction the house is facing, which will help to determine the best time of day to catch the right lighting for filming. Knowing the home’s location, date and time for filming and the length of the shoot is generally what a photographer will need to begin preparing for filming the real estate video. Prep work is an essential factor that has an impact on the quality of the film in the end.

2. Choose the Right Camera Gear

Budget constraints can sometimes be a factor for consideration when doing a real estate marketing campaign that uses videos. To achieve professional-looking images on a budget, it’s best to stick with a Canon SL2, a DJI Mavic Air, or Tokina 11-16mm camera. A GoPro or smartphone is not ideal for creating high-end real estate videos. Agents need quality images, and a camera with great natural looking in-camera colors, wide-angle lenses and a drone for aerial footage, particularly for luxury real estate, can help to create the professional high-end videos that real estate agents need to boost sales.

3. Select the Key Camera Setting

Many real estate agents will be satisfied with videos in 1,080, but it’s also beneficial to shoot in videos in 4k, so that will allow room to reframe or scale down, if desired. Shooting at a frame rate of 60 frames per second will help to smooth out camera movements, while 24fps is ideal for extremely low light and preventing banding in videos. Even with the right setting, controlling movement while filming a home and moving at a slow pace is crucial to preventing motion blur. Create a custom profile with white balance and great, natural colors straight out of the camera with the right sharpness, saturation, contrast and color tone setting. When natural light is absent from a room or outdoor space, camera setting is best around 3,000 Kelvin(k) and around 5,600k when the space is lit by natural light. Furthermore, manually set your color temperature for each space that is filmed so that whites are appropriately warm or cool as needed.

4. Sell the Property, Location and Lifestyle

Typically, real estate videos that are three minutes or under is enough to engage home buyers and not lose their attention but may be longer depending on the size of the property. Capture key amenities and features, making sure that the composition is right and that the highlighted features are framed up in the center of the space to capture the viewer’s attention. The camera should be kept level to avoid distortions and achieve straight lines. When filming, use wide lenses to sell the luxury of the property, the feel of the space and the neighborhood. When it comes to aerial footage, avoid capturing the neighbors’ houses, which can minimize the size of the house being listed. Most of all, video in a manner that makes it appear as if a person is doing a walking-through of the house, capturing what they see as the move from one space to the next.

It takes skill to create high-end real estate videos that can boost sales and help to grow a business. Effective real estate marketing through film involves pre-preparation, using the right camera gear, establishing the right settings for lenses and composition and knowing how and what to video to make an impact. Filming the best features of a home in a manner that is appealing, interactive and revealing is a great way to capture a home buyer’s attention online.

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