How Much You Will Earn With a Mortgage CE

How much money does a mortgage broker make? Well, the best way to answer that question is to say it really just depends. There are a number of characteristics which could determine the amount of money that is actually paid to a mortgage broker.

The vast majority of mortgage brokers that operate within Nevada offer their service free of charge to their clients. The reason for that is because they will receive a commission from a lender for securing the loan on their behalf. How much commission they received will depend on the lender. Different lenders will pay different commission amounts and have different characteristics or principles around the commission to be paid.


The income of a person with a Nevada mortgage CE will also depend on the platform in which the mortgage broker will actually operate under. Platforms refer to an aggregator. So, a mortgage broker will work under an aggregator platform in order to gain access to a panel of lenders. Aggregators will also provide mortgage brokers with a software platform to operate under, and they may also provide some other bells and whistles, like marketing support or administrative support as well. Aggregators will charge a monthly fee in most cases or an annualized fee, and then also take a split of the commission that a mortgage broker earns.


Commissions are received in two forms. One would be an upfront commission that would be paid by the lender. The rates of upfront commissions will vary from lender to lender, but average wise, you’re probably looking at a percentage of 0.65 or 0.7 of a percent. Obviously, the tax will have to be paid out of that as well, and the mortgage broker will have to take into consideration their own expenses for operating.

The second form of commission that they will receive is a trail commission. Some lenders will pay trail commission for a period of time, like five years, or some lenders will pay trail for the actual life off the line. That trail commission will probably be 0.1% or 0.15%. So on a $400,000 loan, that would probably be $800 per year, paid out on a monthly basis. The amount would decrease as the principal loan value decreases as well.

Full Disclosure

Most importantly in relation to commissions, though, is that mortgage brokers have to disclose them to the individuals or to their clients. So a mortgage broker will have to let you know of the actual percentage that they will be paid for the product they recommend to you as part of their service.

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