Benefits of Renting in Chicago

The city of Chicago, IL is a fun and dynamic place to work and live. While people have been flocking to this metro area for decades due to the variety of amenities and good job market, the way people are living is continuing to change and evolve. Traditionally, similar to how it is in other cities, many people in Chicago preferred to own a home as opposed to rent. However, this trend has changed in the Chicago market for many different reasons. Today, more people are opting to rent in downtown Chicago than ever before.

More Accessibility

One of the reasons why people in Chicago are choosing to rent in the city versus own a property further away is because of the accessibility. Chicago is a very centric city with a large central business district. Millions of people work in an area that is no more than ten square miles. Along with this, the city has a lot of great restaurants, shopping and other activities.

For those that live in downtown Chicago, accessing this is very easy. There is a wide range of different bus and train lines that take you all over the city. Many other destinations can easily be accessed on foot. For those that live further away, the Chicago metro area traffic can be time consuming and frustrating.

Urban Renewal

Another perk that comes with living in the city is the constant urban renewal that takes place in the city. Many areas of the city have seen drastic improvements and renovations over the last decade. This has turned some older and more dated areas of the city into new hotspots. Those that live in the city and rent will have access to all of these areas.


Renting in Chicago is also beneficial to those that want more flexibility. While there are some long-term benefits that come with owning a home, it is also an asset that keeps you situated in one place. For some people, having the flexibility to move around from one year to the next is beneficial. This will give someone the chance to move around and experience all that the city has to offer.

Lease from Beal Properties

When you are looking to move into a new home in Chicago, finding a management company that you can trust and rely on is very important. When you live in a properly managed by a reputable company, you can be assured that your property will be properly cared for and that you have a great overall experience. One company that can provide you with many amenities is Beal Properties.

The Beal Properties property management company is a great company to lease from. They have a wide range of different rental property options that are located in the top neighborhoods of the city including Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, and Logan Square. You also have plenty of different options to choose from, which include rental units ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments that are loaded with amenities.

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