Reasons to Sell a Real Estate Property

Plenty of houses get sold in any given market. The number depends on season, market condition and most importantly, the reason the seller is selling. Most homeowners sell their house for obvious cause, such as moving out to another state or country, but some of them want a bigger home, since they have outgrown their current place.

Consider this scenario of Haddox family living in a starter home with four children. Space has always been a constraint to them since they made the purchase five years ago. Most of the floor area of the living room is occupied by furniture from their previous two rental places. The master bedroom is shared by the couple and one of their children. Now that their in-laws are visiting for the summer holidays, they are making enough space to temporarily set up a full-size bed in the family room. The Haddox have been obviously tired of inconvenience and are ready to move up to more space. They are fortunate for the fact that their starter home still stands the chance of attracting potential bidders and get the price they expect. What is the next step for them? Certainly, to wait for that right time and meanwhile make sure that the house doesn’t appear cluttered. They may want to seek the help of a real estate agent (click here now), move all unwanted furniture to storage or garage. In a house like theirs, even a little thing tossed on the floor will make the house appear small. The Haddox should also make sure that they are not occupying the house when it is up for display to prospective buyers. Are they likely to face an issue from the market condition? Maybe but they might get through if they lowered the price accordingly.

Consider another scenario related to Brown family. The Browns have a very different set of needs than Haddox. They have a beautiful house with spacious living room, a separate dining room and four bedrooms enough to house their only child and two pet dogs. However, they prefer to have an additional office room for their flourishing home business, and one of the members also came up with a desire to have an extra room for gym and entertainment. People like the Browns don’t have the need to sell the house. Their concerns are related to time and whether they are able to complete building their new house before their current house get sold. Do they have selling problem? Only if they overpriced their property to an exorbitant level.

As you can see from the above two scenarios, people sell their houses for various reasons. Some are obvious, some are not. The age of the sellers who make this move are usually in the thirty to forty-five years range. Some have both time and space on their side. They are under zero pressure to sell their previous dwelling. Others are compelled to sell due to job relocation, life changing event or desire for a larger house.

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