How To Pick The Best Fort Lauderdale Condo Unit

Do not rush to pick a unit because the seller says others are interested and have already paid their cheques. It’s better to lose an opportunity with cash than to rush and make a long-term mistake. These are the top things you should be looking for:

  • Take into account the unit’s face
  • What floor is the unit located on?
  • Access to gates and entrances, as well as quieter facilities, is within easy reach
  • Avoid bin centers, substations, and other facilities
  • You should look for layouts that are efficient
  • The number of units per floor is shown.
  • You should look for “bonus flooring space.”
  • Neighborhood noise
  • Units facing west get afternoon sunlight
  • What is unique about this unit?
  • Check out the available standard fittings and materials

Take into account the unit’s face

What are you able to see from your block’s view? You can see the entire coastline or just one block back.

Most new buildings have multiple blocks and facings. Developers often place larger bedrooms layouts in the best facings. For example, Parc Centros has the most beautiful pool views if you have four or five bedrooms. This is in contrast to the majority of smaller units.

It is important to compare the show flat model, site plan, and doing map to ground.

Premium views are usually unblocked views that overlook a tranquil and peaceful landed estate or lush greenery. They also offer views of the city skylines, serene sea views, and pool views. These views come at a higher price, so it’s important to consider whether they are worth the investment.

You can save money if the view isn’t important to you. A friend of mine bought a house facing the wall of a neighboring block because their lifestyle was primarily closed-door and required minimal views. They were able to save a lot of money and invest in their interiors.

What floor is the unit located on?

The units on the highest floors are brighter and have better ventilation than those on the lowest floor. They also get more sunlight and are less obstructed by their surroundings. Lower floor units are more convenient because you don’t have to wait for the lift or deal with heavy furniture.

Other things to be aware of are:

Lower floors (7th and lower) are the recommended floors. To enjoy the best view, you will need to be on the balcony.

– Pool view units are usually facing a neighboring block. To ensure that it isn’t too close, check the distance between blocks.

Buying a high-rise unit with a pool view that faces your neighbors is a mistake. You will spend most of your time looking at their homes.

If you are interested in a more green view,  you don’t necessarily need to climb too high (or spend more money), if your focal point changes. Then you will see more sky than greenery. Imagine yourself riding a cable car. You don’t want to focus too much on the greenery, right? Pick something that is just a few stories above the canopy of trees around it and you will get more greens than the blues.

Low-floor units may be as loud as those on the middle to high floors. There are many more objects (plants and walls, for example) There are more objects (plants, walls, etc.) that absorb sound and scatter it on the lower floors. Sound travels up unobstructed and reflects back upwards.

Access to gates and entrances, as well as quieter facilities, is within easy reach

Drop-off points don’t get very loud as there is less traffic in these areas.

There are pros and cons to choosing a block closer to the entrance. Drop-off points are more likely to be located near the entrances and roads. Drop-off points are rarely noisy, however, because traffic is slower there. To reduce road noise, it is a good idea to place the block’s inside faces near the entrance.

It is important to be near facilities and access gates, especially if you hate walking. This could make the difference between walking 200m more per day to the gym, mall, or train station.

Avoid bin centers, substations, and other facilities

If you don’t want to pay for the most expensive units, there are very few reasons why you should choose a unit that faces the bin center or substation.

The views and smell are not inspiring, except if you’re Oscar The Grouch. It will be difficult to sell the investment when it’s time for exit.

As gatherings take place regularly, BBQ pits can be a hub for noise. The smells could unintentionally waft through your house at night, causing uncontrollable hunger pangs. You might also be annoyed by the sounds of children screaming or distracting noises coming from the Federers and Rafaels in your condo.

Some water features, like waterfalls, that are constantly on until late at night can create a sonic nuisance. Avoid being near water features if you are a light sleeper, or easily distracted by noise.

Find efficient layouts

Some units offer more efficiency and value for money.

Although developers try to maximize the views of all units, sometimes this leads to layouts that are not optimal.

Consider layouts with large unusable corridors. This results in a smaller actual usable area and a higher per-square-foot cost. Sometimes, this layout is the only option. You will need to prioritize which aspect is most important in these cases.

The more units you have per floor, the less time you’ll spend waiting for the lift. You will also be less likely to get grumblers when you use your corridor space.

You can expect more change if you share a floor with units of one or two bedrooms. Small units are more likely to be rented than occupied by an owner-occupier family.

Look for “bonus flooring space”

A small lead-in between your main door and the unit is a great way to get more floor space. You can add a shoe rack or stool to this space if it isn’t used by neighbors.

This is often not apparent in standard brochure floor plans. You would need to ask for the floor plan blueprints.

Neighborhood noise

Do you live near a playground with barbecue pits? It may not be peaceful.

Road noise is not something that is often appreciated by people. It is best to avoid units facing major roads or highways. To ensure there are no surprises, check out the URA Masterplan for information about new roads.

Some areas, such as Punggol have a daily deafening fighter plane flying overhead. This can cause irritation, especially if you work night shifts or sleep in the day.

It is not a good idea to place your home in a location that faces places of worship where you can pray, chant, and incense burner.

Units facing west get afternoon sunlight

Most locals do not prefer west-facing units. These units are more comfortable in the evenings and cooler in the mornings. These units are still available due to site layout and view optimization. However, they are not the most preferred choice for those who want to hang their laundry out on their balconies.

However, most Westerners are happy to rent or buy west-facing homes.

You should look for unique selling points when choosing a unit.

Take this example:

Ground floor units that have a large patio overlooking the pool are a great option for those who love gardening or just want to relax. Each development has only so many units.

If you love outdoor spaces and high-rise units, this unit is right next to the sky terrace.

Examine the materials and standard fittings

How do you choose between two units? When deciding on the best value, consider the finishings and materials

It is a good idea to research the brands of the fittings and materials included with the unit.

These labels will be placed around the show flat and will identify the brand of fittings and appliances used.

It is a good idea to look at the materials and fittings provided when comparing projects. The choice between ceramic tiles and marble tiles at the same price is easier when you can see which one offers more value.

This post was written by a real estate expert from the Dotoli group. Josh Dotoli is Paramount Residences #1 Selling Realtor with nine sales in 2021, 3x more sales than any other Realtor selling in the building. The Paramount Residences enjoys a prime beach area location. It is a Ft. Lauderdale oceanfront condo located across from the beach. Click Here to learn more!

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